Lycosyl™ effectively accelerates gas from the upper and lower GI tract

Lycosyl™ accelerates the passage of gas in the upper and lower GI tract and relieves bloating by:

1) Defoaming gas bubbles
When Lycosyl™ is ingested, the active ingredient, simethicone spreads over the surface and causes thinning of the foam bubbles, which disrupts and destabilises the foam surface. The destabilised foam surface then ruptures and the entrapped air is released, enabling easy elimination of air through burping or belching, and passing of gas.


2) Promoting the growth of healthy bacteria
The inulin in Lycosyl™ is a prebiotic containing soluble fibres that help to increase the population of good bacteria. The growth of good bacteria will inhibit the growth of pathogenic bacteria including unhealthy gas-producing bacteria, thus reducing the production of gas. This synergistic effect helps to restore intestinal microflora.

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